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Vino Volo (Italian for "wine flight") is a food and wine bar with a boutique wine shop. A San Francisco-based company, Vino Volo was founded in 2004 by Doug Tomlinson. Vino Volo sells wines from around the world by the bottle, glass, or in tasting flights. Additionally, they sell a variety of food options to eat at the store, or "to go".

"Cara Ray" wrote a negative opinion on Vino Volo's "Facebook" page on October 11, 2019:

"Bartenders were both very rude- after paying and leaving generous tip despite bad service they walked away with the machine without a thank you or even acknowledgment. Also while sitting at the bar reading, I was overhearing them speak poorly of other guests."


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management. Disorganized. Hostile work environment. Santa Ana location is the most horrifying place I have probably ever worked. Favoritism to the max."

Wine Associate (Former Employee) says

"The GM is a joke. Never actually helps employees with real problems (like bullying... yeah, that’s a real problem here), but, can find the time to send constant emails reminding everyone what they did wrong that day/week/month. If they decide they don’t like you, they just make your schedule a disaster long enough to make you quit, or they ignore you like unprofessional adolescents making work nearly impossible. x The work environment is hostile and you feel like you’re always being scrutinized! They distribute all work between the 3 Senior wine associates, and they don’t often help you advance or learn. They just expect you to clean until they send you home early (cutting your hours/pay) because you have nothing to do... don’t waste your time or sanity! It’s NOT WORTH IT!! Steer clear!!"

Cheff (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Vino Volo Reno for about six months, things started off well enough with great training, great pay, great concept and shiny new store. Then corporate flew in a corporate lackey from a failed store in Vancouver that had little Idea of how the hospitality industry works. Promoted backstabbing, complaining, bullying and really turned the store into a dumpster fire. When I reported it to HR I was promptly "let go" . Vino Volo talks a good game about workplace respect and safety but the reality is there is a huge disconnect between staff and management. If you kiss butt you will be rewarded with favoritism whether you are good at what you do or not. If you are skilled in the restaurant industry don't waste your time with this "7-11" airport wine/coffee bar. Women beware, a culture of sexism and racism exists here with middle management that higher ups turn a blind eye to...Free napkins are provided for butt kissingYou name it"

wine associate (Current Employee) says

"It’s a shame such an innovative and interesting corporation protects such wildly bad an inappropriate management. I witnessed and overheard more sexually inappropriate comments by the manager and corporate pretends to care meanwhile protecting them because their cameras contain no audio, so if no one else heard it... it didn’t happen! Pretty much any other tipped position will pay better."

Wine Bartender, Mpls Airport Lindbergh Terminal (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my work of serving wine flights to airport customers but the various problems with co-workers and poor employee management made it undesirable. The commute needs to be considered, myself & most co-workers had an hour commute each way (2 hours total) as the parking contract is at the Humphrey terminal, so you need to park there & take a light-rail train over to the Lindbergh terminal which added a lot of time to the commute. Also I was not allowed to test out to next level positions if I was not able to be an opener or closer as a single mom.more hours per shift than the average server jobtipshare, employee management issues that get ignored & continue unaddressed"

Former Manager (Former Employee) says

"The concept is great and the people you work with on the front lines are usually fun. That's about where the good ends. Upper and senior management are either awesome or terrible, but the worst always seem to outweigh the good so you are stuck hoping you don't get promoted and sad you don't want to quit, but you know if you excel and advance your life is just going to get worse.Try lots of winepoor compensation, benefits, appreciation, culture"

Wine Associate (Current Employee) says

"I honestly do think I have seen the worst of what this company can be. The District Manager that hired me, hired his team, not the team of the general manager I ended up working under. With in two months all, but 2 of the original six crew members quit and over the next year and a half I saw people who did not no anything about wine or total bullies come in and out of the store. The gm I worked under had no sense of communication, when he found his assistant manager he focused on training him and we rarely saw our gm. When the gm did get on the floor to help us he stood in the river like a rock and we had to flow around him. He also liked to send e-mails with pictures in them saying 'explain this', but would not address them with you face to face and expected everyone to check e-mail daily even if they did not have internet at their house or a smart phone. And even if you asked him or the assistant manager about it they would not give direction or training. Often I heard about stuff through a lower ranking team member. On the rare occurrence we worked with a gm from a different store or an assistant manager we saw how good of a company it could be. The tips are all pooled, so an assistant manager can EASILY abuse that tip pool. My teammates and I on the floor would bring up the pool to $15-$20 and hour only for it to be cut to 10 by the assistant manager doing paper work or going out on a wine tasting trip on the tip pool. Even after going to HR and our district manager about it, thing were not resolved. Another issue I had was I am still fighting with HR to getGuests are awesome and it can be really funHope to Bacchus god of wine you don't get the same manager I have"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Coworkers are cool, however manager is never present. There is no proper management, everyone is self sufficient for the most part. Wouldn’t recommend"

Wine Associate (Former Employee) says

"It's a busy environment so days go by fast. Good pay and long hours. You always work more than 8 hrs. Sometimes its a 12 hour shift. Paychecks are usually wrong though.1- 30 minute breakBad management and tip pool"

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management was constantly hiring new people with minimum to no experience and giving no scheduling preferences to senior employees. Much favoritism for certain employees. Great place to start but no real room for growth. Many things that were done wrong were pointed out in front of customers. Not much regard for employees."

Kitchen and Food Preparer (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Vino Volo and had no trouble with the workplace or the task that I was asked to do. Most of the reason I resigned was because of travel. I was in school at the time of working here at Vino Volo and had to travel from Downtown Brooklyn to JFK and that travel time took a toll on my sleep I was getting as well as time I could have use to do homework. But for the most part working there was fun as well as meeting new people traveling throughout the airport."

Senior wine associate (Former Employee) says

"VinoVolo has a good wine education program. Wine knowledge is their “hook” in the industry. They source wines that most people know little about Working in an airport can be stressful. It was hard to be fully staffed given the issues of passing security checksWine knowledge benefitsUnder staffed"

Marketing Liaison (Former Employee) says

"Better than average. Learned a lot more than I ever expected to but there were also a lot of very hard tests along the way. MGT was very difficult to work with."

Wine Associate (Current Employee) says

"The concept is fabulous for travelers but difficult to execute. The airport is a very demanding environment. Company is very heavily weighted toward corporate policy vs. food and wine driven."

Wine Associate (Former Employee) says

"Remember, when you work at VinoVolo, you’re in the airport. Life gets weird. If you mesh with your workmates, it can be good. Strength in numbers. A quality relationship with the manager is key, hope you get a good one. The perks are nice! And once you’re in, that mini vacay( sort of) to a wine region is bonkers!Wine, Wine Travel, benniesAirport."

Cook, Server, Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my time at Vino Volo but one and half hour bus commute with three different buses was hard, especially in the winter. My manager was great and very understanding and very supportive as well as my coworkers.Free lunches and discountsDoing the truck order by myself"

Wine Associate (Current Employee) says

"Opening the restaurant, FOH and BOH which includes but is not limited to setting up displays that market to all of the wine and great food that is served fast and made to order to take to go as well. restock on wine on retail and also on shelves to what we are pouring by the taste, glass and flight. Restock all supplies, complete any daily reports, balance all drawers, wipe down all tables and counters for presentation factor, dust all retail, sweep floors if needed, change out menus. BOH restock food line, prep any additional food that is will be needed for the day. Receive in wine/food deliveries and input invoices for inventory purposes. Prepare any cleaning agents needed as well knife and wine opener count (is we are in a airport and hazardous objects needed to be counted for, if missing need to be reported to the sheriff department.Incentives to wine free wine, gift cards, and trips to vine countriesbreaks are limited it, security it repeative" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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